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A Special Food Recipe for Healthier and Happier Fish!

A Special Food Recipe for Healthier and Happier Fish!

A aquarium food recipe with Seachem medication and nutrition-boosting supplements to help keep newly added fish from becoming sick. Help to avoid infections like ick, velvet, fungus and more! Also a great treatment for an established aquarium when you see stress starting to develop.

This ‘special’ recipe works WONDERS for feeding newly introduced fish and is a great booster for those fish showing signs of stress. You will find several variations of this recipe online but this specific mix of food supplements and medications has worked very well for us and our service clients.


new fish - cowfish

When a new fish is introduced, it will inevitably be subjected to the stress of a new environment and possible harassment from existing fish. This stress sometimes leads to illness such as ich or velvet. If you are lucky, the disease only affects the new fish and goes away once the new fish is acclimated and healthy. However, sometimes things take a turn for the worse and you end up with an entire tank of sick and diseased fish.


This recipe work wonders for preventing the disease from developing in the first place. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that this recipe only treats the fish and not the entire aquarium. It is also reef safe. We recommend using this recipe for 3-4 weeks whenever you add a new fish. You can also do the same 3-4 week treatment whenever you see your fish appearing stressed, starting to develop ich and/or are scratching against the sand/rock.


The ingredients are Seachem Metroplex, Seachem Focus, Brightwell AminOmega and our store-brand Garlic (or Brightwell Garlic Power).

fish medication


  1. Seachem Metroplex is great for treating ich, velvet and other infections.
  2. Seachem Focus is used in conjunction with Metroplex (or other medications) as it acts as a binder to help bind the Metroplex medication to the food you are feeding. Focus also help fight off internal infections that the fish may have.
  3. Brightwell AminOmega helps your fish become healthier by fortifying the food with amino acids and omega 3/6 fatty acids. By eating more nutritious food, your new fish will be stronger and will be more capable of handling stress.
  4. Garlic is a great way to trigger feeding response. By soaking the food in garlic, your new fish is more likely to eat. Both ours and Brightwell Garlic Power also include vitamins that helps improve the health of your fish.


fish food soaking in medication


healthy reef fish

Frozen food or pellet food work best with this recipe. Dry seaweed also works well if you are dealing with tangs or other herbivores. Add the supplements/medications to the food and allow it to soak for about 30 minutes. With pellets, add a teaspoon of water so the supplements/medication can soak in to the pellets. After soaking, feed directly into your aquarium.


By adding these supplements and medications, you are helping your new fish to fight off disease and become healthier to better handle stress. This super-charged food will also keep the existing fish from getting sick or overly stressed. By feeding directly to your fish, absorption of the supplement/medication is more directly and drastically reduces chances of fouling your water. It is also reef safe so it will not have adverse effects on your corals in invertebrates.


By doing a little preventative care, you can help to reduce the chance of having a catastrophic disease outbreak. As a hobbyists and a fish lover, this is definitely a ‘win’.




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